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Currently, I am Research Scientist with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and a Research Associate at Smithsonian's Conservation Biology Institute.


I am a native of the Pacific Northwest in the U.S., although my career in conservation biology has taken me to a variety of places to work on diverse wildlife species and ecosystems. 


To name a few:

  ~Central Washington- pygmy rabbits  

  ~KwaZulu-Natal Province in South Africa- African wild dogs

  ~Bagamoyo District in Tanzania- fisheries, mangrove forests, coral reefs,

      seagrass beds

  ~Chiracahua National National Monument in Arizona- white nosed coatis

  ~Columbia River Estuary in Oregon and Washington- Caspian terns, 

      Brown pelicans, Double-crested cormorants

  ~Grumeti Game Reserve in Tanzania- western white-beared wildebeests


I was married in July 2010 and changed my name, so you can find much of my background documents and publications under my maiden name, Spiering.`



My passion is the conservation of carnivores and endangered species.  I believe in a strong multi-disciplinary approach to the science of conservation biology.  I enjoy combining different aspects into my research, including behavioral ecology, demographics, genetics, hormones, diet analyses, habitat usage, etc.  In particular, I am very interested in using non-invasive approaches such as fecal hormone and genetic analyses to provide new insights into threatened species ecology and conservation while also minimizing researcher impacts on these sensitive animals.